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Sometimes design is not enough, sometimes a beautiful code is not enough, sometimes a fun vision is not enough, sometimes A*ple simply acts like a bitch.


It was 2am, we were still working on one of our corporate project and started talking about how frustrating it was to try to explain what we do to our non geek friends.
So we tought: let's make the simplest app concept ever, the one that all our friends would enjoy and easily get, even drunk! The one that would take us back this popularity we got the first time we got "frostmourne" (experts will get it).
A few beers, 2 pizzas and way too much time on 9gag later, DASHAG was born.

We wanted to make the most incredible WTF app possible, the one you would actually love to promote during parties or write a killer blog post about how stupid this idea is (and debate on the way we should be tortured and killed).

We made it. And our beta period showed us a preview of what we expected: beta testers were having tons of fun (this quantified self shit is really addictive trust us), girls where playing more than boys, couple loved it and everyone couldn't stop talking about it during parties. We got our friends attention back, whouhouuu!
On the other hand, our mothers tought we were going after the porn industry and asked god to take us back on right way.
We also got haters that really really didn't like what we were doing and let us know about it.
This is the Dashag effect. You hate or you love it (or you also can not give a sh*t about it...).

Unfortunatly, it seems like Mister Apple didn't really like it...
After 6 rejections, we are still not on the Apple store whereas the app is done for now 7 months.

Help us.


Tell us what you would do and we will do it!

APPLE REFUSED our app. Discover why!

Turn your phone into a pink black box

Dashag provides you a complete dashboard where you can track your activity, see your progress, know how many calories you burned and all those cool metrics.

What's dashag

Dashag is a mobile app that turns your sexlife into a crazy game where each time you shag, you get points.
The app allows you to monitor all your activity thanks to a cool dashboard, follow others shaggers and compete with the world best shaggers or just your friends.

On Dashag, you are the master of your privacy: you can choose the username of your dreams, create a public or a private profil and even decide to set a shag as public or private.

Use the geolocation feature to discover shags declared around you.

Track all your activity thanks to dedicated metrics and improve yourself.



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Kill you

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